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We invite you to first watch GIA's introductory video to better understand the topics we present on the radio.

Aquarius Gnostic Radio

Aquarius Gnostic Radio was born with the intention of spreading the Gnostic teaching and motivating all those who seek inner development through the awakening of consciousness.
These forms of dissemination of the teaching have the objective of keeping the flame burning within each one of us, as well as helping all those who wish one day to be able to attend and receive the teaching in a Gnostic Centre.

Master Samael Aun Weor

It is necessary to develop in us the SUPERIOR EMOTIONAL MIND with pure emotions, with living Art, TO CULTIVATE SUPERIOR EMOTIONS; like listening to Beethoven, listening to Mozart, to Liszt, to Tchaikovsky; we should learn to paint, but the pictures we paint should not be subhuman; we should pour our noblest feelings into them. Everything we do must be dignifying and essentially edifying....
One is filled with ecstasy when one contemplates the Corinthian columns of ancient times, or the marbles of Rome and Athens; the magnificent sculptures of a dark Isis in the land of the Pharaohs, or of an Apollo, or of the Venus de Milo, or of the Chaste Diana.
One is filled with ecstasy, vibrates with Higher Emotion, when listening, for instance, to the Lyre of ancient times, or when surrendering oneself to deep Meditation, in the bosom of Nature, or when walking in the ruins of ancient Rome, or when walking on the banks of the Ganges, or when falling on one's knees before the Guru, in the perpetual snows of the Himalayas. Then the Higher Emotion vibrates.....
If we proceed righteously, if we learn to live, if we learn to relate to our fellowmen in a beautiful way, then we will come closer and closer to the Sacred Monad and different sparks of Cosmic Consciousness will surprise us, will become more and more continuous, until at last, one day, we will all have, in reality, the Awakened Consciousness, the Superlative Consciousness of the Being, Buddhi...

Weekly Programme

Each month we will have a live performance, in which we will talk about and reflect on the theme of the month.

The next live performance will be:
To be announced soon.

Aquarius Gnostic Radio